Consumer Involvement

NCCI will involve people with disabilities in this project in the following ways:

• Up to 5 consumers will be recruited to plan and carry out the community survey of fitness, wellness, and health care facilities. They will be involved in the design of the survey, including determining the questions to be asked, the order of priority for visits, design of data collection tools, and protocols for effective communication with sites to be visited. Some or all of these consumer volunteers will also do site visits and assessments along with NCCI staff.

• Consumer volunteers will assist staff in collecting and preparing data for inclusion in the directory and website.

• Consumers will provide input into use of grant funds for purchase and / or loan of adaptive equipment to outside facilities.

• Consumers will be involved in the design and content of training programs.

• Selected consumers will assist staff in delivering training to consumers and service providers.

• Every consumer contacted in any way through this project will be asked to complete a one-page questionnaire about their experiences with fitness, wellness, and medical care services and facilities. Data collected from the questionnaire will be used on an ongoing basis to shape the priorities and direction of the project.

• The core group of consumer volunteers will at the end of each project year provide feedback … individually and as a focus group … on how the project is going to NCCI management.

• The website will include a moderated comments feature allowing open-ended feedback on the project itself and on the topic of access to fitness, wellness, and health care services.

Consumer Involvement

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